Date and time

12:30 – 18:25 (JST), Thursday, February 16, 2023

Organized by

  • Japan Congress Convention Bureau (JCCB)
  • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Sellers & Buyers

MICE sellers
About 80 organizations, local governments, convention bureaus, hotels, MICE venues, convention related companies
MICE buyers
About 300 individual


Prof. Kuniko Inoguchi,
Chairperson, JCCB

We are pleased to announce that IME2023 will be held in a face-to-face event since February 2020.
The Covid19 led to the exponential growth of online technology and the diversification of conference formats, including hybrid formats as well as in-person format.
We hope that you will come to IME2023 and take advantage of this opportunity to host your own conference.

IME2023 is a pre-appointment business meeting with priority given to buyers.

  • MICE suppliers, including convention bureaus from all over Japan, will be participating, so you can consult with them as a one-stop MICE resource. Some exhibitors also support online business meetings, and appointments can be made remotely.
  • We will provide specific information on holding conferences and events in various locations, including subsidies.
  • We can also provide information on unique venue plans, post-conference tours, etc.
  • Please pre-register and make an appointment for a business meeting.
    * We can also assist with appointments on the day of the event.